Obama Thought He Had Him BEAT…But It Was Sheriff Joe Arpaio Who Got The LAST LAUGH!

One of the most perplexing tenets of the liberal agenda is the vilifying and weakening of our nation’s law enforcement agencies. Using the lie of police profiling and oppressing minorities, they aim to hamstring police officers, making it more difficult for them to do their job.

It is a misguided attempt at protecting black Americans from criminal prosecutions. But make no mistake, there are more minorities in jails–not because police single them out–but because they commit violent crimes.

Instead of tackling the high crime rate among minorities and people in inner cities, Obama and his liberal cronies instead attack the police. The people who risk their lives to protect our cities are blamed for the high number of black and Hispanic Americans in jail. It’s backwards thinking that will only harm our society.

The good news is, most Americans don’t feel the same way. This has never been more evident in the recent primary elections for Maricopa County sheriff.

From Conservative Tribune:

Despite facing an onslaught of legal attacks aimed at eroding his public image, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio succeeded in winning the Maricopa County Republican primary election this Tuesday, meaning he gets to run for his seventh term in office this November.

LifeZette reported that Arpaio won 66 percent of the vote against three other challengers. This seemed like an impressive feat given the witch hunt being waged against him by President Barack Obama’s Department of Justice, which has repeatedly accused him of engaging in racial profiling.

In fact, it was only two weeks ago when federal Judge G. Murray Snow recommended the sheriff be charged with criminal contempt for his alleged failure to implement anti-profiling measures.

So while federal liberal officials tried to undermine this sheriff, he beat out three challengers by a wide margin.

Obama’s Washington wants to pick and choose leadership throughout our country, in an effort to overextend federal control. The will of the people, though, will always win out.

The attacks against this sheriff are yet another attempt at the left to undermine police authority. But the citizens of Maricopa County know they enjoy their peace and safety thanks to the tireless efforts of Arpaio and his officers.

We are fighting a cultural war, one where liberals wish to re-engineer our society, implanting their cronies at every level of authority. Obama would like nothing better than to have a left-thinking “progressive” as sheriff, one who would undoubtedly be soft on crime, illegal immigration, and other life-altering issues.

Let’s make sure that never happens, Arizona.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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