SHOCK: Cops Raid Homes, Arrest Right-Wingers for…Anti-Immigrant Facebook Posts? [POLICE STATE]

We have written before about police harassing citizens because of what they posted on social media.  Unfortunately it’s happening again.

Police have infiltrated ten apartments and made arrests, solely on the supposed “anti-migrant” words posted online.

These “officers of the law” ransacked individuals’ homes and took their possessions, including mobile phones.

Nine people were arrested, simply on the basis that they posted “messages critical of migrants, migrant helpers” on Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter, according to Breitbart.

Now if you look at the full story, these suspects allegedly owned narcotics and weapons and some of the comments were considered anti-Semitic.  So they weren’t boy scouts.

But the report clearly identifies their statements as the cause of the police raid.  So is this the state of Germany and other European nations?

Are these citizens really being deprived the most fundamental right of free speech?

This is a continuing trend in Europe and around the world.  It seems that authorities are threatened by the power common citizens have thanks to social media, so their response is to crack down with arrests and other forms of intimidation.  It’s very telling.

In America, we’ve adjusted to the changes of social media, largely due to the fact that we’ve embraced freedom of speech from the very beginning.  It’s been a difficult transition, to be sure.

Social media gives the masses an outlet like never before, but it must be protected, like every other kind of free speech.

European officials don’t seem to understand that.

“Police announced that the raids show Germans that they are not as safe online as they might think.” (Breitbart)

Do governments have the right to police our speech?

Just because someone might have a negative opinion, even “xenophobic” or supposedly hate-filled, does that mean they’re not allowed to express their views?

Who decides what is xenophobic and what is okay?  Perhaps next time, they’ll label your posts as inappropriate.

“Google and Facebook have been criticized for helping the German government crack down on speech that is critical of migrants and of the policies of German chancellor Angela Merkel. The policy led to the deletion of the Facebook account of a young girl who spoke out about the migrant crisis and how she no longer felt safe walking the streets of her town.” (Breitbart)

Now, more than ever, we need to stand for our freedoms.  You may think this kind of behavior is unique to Germany, but it’s not.

We need to expose this unjust behavior, if only to send a message to American officials who might get a little too controlling.

Source: Breitbart

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