SHOCK: Flood Heroes To Pay A HEAVY Price! The Left’s Penalty For Saving THOUSANDS Is…

The recent flooding in Louisiana has left thousands homeless and in desperate need. While people are struggling, trying to pick up the pieces of their lives, many are shocked to see the lukewarm response from the government.

Obama golfs while people are starving. FEMA is nowhere in sight. Relief organizations like the American Red Cross are overwhelmed and lacking resources.

So it falls to regular citizens to pick up the slack and do the right thing.

A group called the “Cajun Navy” has been working tirelessly to rescue people trapped in flooded homes. They’ve put in a herculean effort to start the recovery and rebuilding process in a region so terribly damaged by this disaster.

This group should be recognized for their sacrifice and dedication. Instead they might get hit with unnecessary legislation.

From Young Conservatives:

NEW ORLEANS – The Good Samaritan who rescued hundreds, maybe thousands, of people during the ‘Great Flood of 2016′ said he was not happy after a state lawmaker announced he wants to introduce legislation around future actions by citizen heroes.

Some of these citizen heroes, a loosely-organized group called the ‘Cajun Navy,’ gained national attention for their rescue efforts last week, but that attention is nowhere near the pushback lawmakers are discussing when it comes to a lawmakers proposal to require permits for citizen rescue groups.

Permits. To save people’s lives. This is the epitome of pointless government oversight. Since when did you need a permit to help someone in need?

Should you need a permit to help a neighbor locked out of their apartment? Should you get a permit to help an old lady cross the street, or climb a tree to save a cat?

The good that still exists in this country in danger. Not from terrorism, but from soulless legislators looking to make a quick buck.

The law will demand do-gooders to pay for training, certifications, and other fees before they can actually help people in need. State Senator Perry claims this is to avoid “liability.” Just like a lawyer, always looking for the lawsuit.

Senator Perry and everyone like him should be ashamed. The government abandons its people, now it wants to punish those brave enough to do the right thing.

We complain that we live in an overly litigious society. This is why. When politicians think they should have more control over our daily lives, even good Samaritans are punished.

Source: Young Conservatives

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