SHOCK: Hollywood Republicans STAND UP For Trump…The Reaction Is STUNNING!

In recent years, the atmosphere seemed to be improving for Hollywood conservatives. One of their own—Arnold Schwarzenegger—even got elected governor of California. However, the emergence of Donald Trump has apparently destroyed much of that tolerance.

Hollywood Republicans are now saying that the situation has gotten much worse in recent months. Tensions are running high and careers are in jeopardy:

There are many people who are voting for Donald Trump but are too afraid to admit it,” Roger Neal, a Trump supporter and founder of the Hollywood PR and management firm NPR, told TheWrap. “Things have gotten really nasty in Hollywood lately.”

Neal was surprised to see many of his left-leaning colleagues, including some who owe him their start in the industry, post a recent GQ article titled, “If You Vote for Trump, Screw You” on their social media feeds. (…)

“I’ve seen people posting on social media: ‘If you’re voting for Trump unfriend me or I’ll unfriend you,’” Howard Bragman, founder of Fifteen Minutes Public Relations, told TheWrap.

This situation hearkens back to the days when Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush were reviled figures in Hollywood. For all their talk of tolerance and diversity, these liberals certainly are a petty and spiteful bunch.

Credit: The Wrap

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