Millions Of Illegals In For A Brutal Surprise—Trump Cancels Yuge Obama Law

Barack Obama might very well have been the most pro-illegal immigrant president in US history.

Through numerous unconstitutional executive orders, Obama established guidelines for law enforcement and the legal system to protect illegals from deportation or prosecution.

The most famous of these policies was the DREAM act, which protects illegal minors. Nevertheless, Obama signed many other executive orders, including one which protected illegal parents as well.

Fortunately, President Donald Trump has taken a hardline stance against illegal immigration. He wants nothing to do with Obama’s executive orders, and his administration has promised to eliminate them one by one.

This week, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly followed through on that promise and revoked the executive order that protected illegal parents.

From The Washington Post:

An Obama-era immigration program intended to protect parents of U.S. citizens and legal residents from deportation has been formally canceled, fulfilling a key campaign promise from President Donald Trump, the Homeland Security Department announced late Thursday.

Homeland Security John Kelly formally revoked a policy memo that created the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans program. The revocation came on the fifth anniversary of another effort that has protected hundreds of thousands of young immigrants from deportation.

The program to protect parents was announced by President Barack Obama in November 2014 but was never fully launched. It was intended to keep the immigrant parents safe from deportation and provide them with a renewable work permit good for two years, but it was blocked by a federal judge in Texas after 26 states filed suit against the federal government and challenged the effort’s legality.

Republicans decried the effort at “backdoor amnesty” and argued that Obama overstepped his authority by protecting a specific class of immigrants living in the United States illegally.

An administration that cares more for its citizens than it does for those who illegally cross its borders has been long overdue.

The United States government has been run by pro-amnesty globalists for decades. Sponsored by their millionaire donors who benefit from cheap labor, leftist presidents and their allies in the legislative and judicial branches have made massive efforts to encourage illegal immigration.

The issues with illegal immigration are rather straightforward.

When an illegal immigrant comes to the United States, they bypass the necessary security screenings we put in place to ensure that terrorists and other criminals do not come in to our country.

Furthermore, when an illegal immigrant gets a job, they fill a position that could have been filled by an unemployed American citizen. A legal immigrant from another country could have even taken that job.

Aside from those two issues, however, the biggest problem with illegal immigration should be self-evident.

Although one might not be swayed by economic or national security arguments, the title itself should say it all: Illegal immigration is, above everything, illegal.

By supporting amnesty, liberals want to reward people who break the law. This is completely un-American, as we believe in the rule of law for everyone.

If we do not have laws, then we might as well not have a country. Donald Trump said this numerous times throughout the campaign, and the American people responded in agreement with a booming voice.

Unlike most politicians, President Trump is following through on his promises. There is no doubt that we will see the administration get rid of many more unconstitutional programs.

For now, however, we can rejoice. The rule of law is coming back to America.

Source: The Washington Post

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