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SHOCK: Muslim Refugees Cause Nightmare Outbreak…And It’s Spreading FAST!
By Kay Johnson|May 10, 2017

Minnesota’s liberal policies have attracted scores of immigrants who want to take advantage of the state’s many welfare programs.

Somalians in particular have taken a liking to the state, and the Somalian population has become so large that a portion of Minneapolis has been dubbed, “Little Mogadishu”.

But this large influx of Muslim immigrants has led to some nasty consequences, surprising no one—except liberals.

There have been attempts to impose Sharia law in the area, and a Somali stabbed nine people at a shopping mall in St. Cloud last year.

Now, these immigrants are failing to assimilate in a new way that’s having terrible consequences for the community.

From The Daily Wire:

In yet another display showing that vaccination against measles is a necessary action for American society, a measles outbreak in Minnesota has now spread to 48 confirmed measles cases in Hennepin, Ramsey and Crow Wing counties.

Of the 48 cases, 46 are children ten and younger; 41 of whom are Somali-American who were not vaccinated. The outbreak is Minnesota’s largest in over two decades.

According Kristen Ehresmann, director of the Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Prevention and Control Division at the Minnesota Department of Health, the outbreak began in a Somali community; she added, “I want to be very clear that this outbreak has nothing to do with being Somali. It’s just the sheer fact of being unvaccinated.”

While it’s true that Somalis in Minnesota aren’t the sole carriers of the disease, their refusal to vaccinate is putting other citizens at risk. This isn’t the first time this has happened either. In 2011 there was a similar measles outbreak in the Somali community in Minnesota.

No other citizens deserves to suffer because Somalis think they know better when it comes to public health.

Measles is a serious disease that can lead to dehydration, pneumonia, and even death in some cases. Outbreaks of this disease were at their lowest point before anti-vaxxers began peddling their conspiracies to gullible individuals.

It’s bad enough that these Somali immigrants are trying to bring Sharia law into their communities. Must they bring diseases too?

Source: The Daily Wire

Kay Johnson
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