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SHOCK: Obama Just Stole MILLIONS From Cancer Patients…Who He Gave It To Has Americans FURIOUS!
By Cheryl Chumley|December 1, 2016

Get ready to get angry.

It’s already widely known fact the Obama administration hasn’t met an illegal it doesn’t like – a refugee or minor-aged alien it doesn’t welcome and embrace.

But this show of love is a bit much for even the far left to accept.

“President Barack Obama’s administration has transferred $167 million in just one month from programs which aid Americans to the programs which feed, house, school and entertain a wave of illegal alien minors,” Breitbart reported.

And among the coffers that are losing money at the expense of providing for illegals?

Center for Immigration Studies has the dollar-by-dollar details. The Health Resources and Services Administration has lost $14 million for illegals, including a $4.5 million revenue straight from the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program and $2 million from the Maternal and Child Health program. The National Institutes of Health has lost $72 million that had gone for research on cancer, diabetes, drug abuse, mental health, infectious diseases and more. And the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has lost $8 million.

That’s not all; that’s just a sampling of the funding that’s been transferred from U.S. citizens’ use into illegal aliens’ back pockets.

And as Breitbart reported: “HHS wants Congress to provide it with another $1 billion to $2 billion by December 9 to ‘meet our legal and humanitarian obligations’ and avoid ‘stranding’ illegal aliens at the border.”

Does the madness never stop? Taxpayers, remember, are footing these bills. Let’s hope Donald Trump’s incoming administration, with its strict views of illegals and promises to clamp the easy entry scenarios seen under President Obama, puts a stop to this transfer of funding.

Source: Breitbart

Cheryl Chumley
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