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BOOM! National Poll Has Hillary PANICKED…THIS Is The Moment Trump Fans Have Waited For!
By PJ Editor|July 12, 2016

There has been concern among many Republicans and Trump fans as the polls have seemed to show a widening lead for Hillary Clinton in recent weeks.

But in the wake of the decision NOT to indict her, it appears that the game has changed!

What is the old saying, When the Gods want to punish you, they give you what you wish for. That must be how Hillary feels right now, because it appears that despite slipping the noose, the decision has turned the tide against her campaign.

ABC has the numbers that have the Clinton Crime Family in a PANIC…

Hillary Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump narrowed to 3 points this week after several days of controversy following FBI Director James Comey’s recommendation that no criminal charges be brought against the former secretary of state over her use of a private email server.

If you have any doubt that this is why her lead is shrinking, consider this…

Clinton’s lead over Trump has deteriorated in the past couple weeks since her lead peaked two weeks ago.

The numbers get even worse for Hillary when you dig into the internals of the poll, especially as it relates to the email scandal…

A strong majority of voters (82 percent) agreed that it was inappropriate for Clinton to use a personal email server during her tenure as secretary of state. A smaller majority — 56 percent — also said they disagreed with Comey’s recommendation that Clinton not be prosecuted for use of the server.

There is little doubt that this is the cause of Clinton’s problems as more and more Americans of every stripe realize she lacks the integrity and trustworthiness to be president.



Source: ABC News

PJ Editor
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