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SHOCK POLL: Culture Wars Have A CLEAR Winner…It’s Not Who You Think!
By Faith Braverman|April 7, 2017

With the constant stream of videos showing total chaos on college campuses, it often seems like the left is winning the battle to control student’s minds.

Overnight, so-called “social justice warriors” have made up new terms to redefine everything that defines us. Gender, race, and even the concept of traditional families appear to be eroding in the face of this new world where every comment is analyzed for “triggers” that may offend some demographic.

But one new poll from The Council on Contemporary Families may hold proof that the narrative is changing, and that millennials have had enough of liberal groupthink.

From The Daily Wire:

In 1994, 42% of high school seniors believed that the “best family” was one where the man was the primary breadwinner and the woman took care of the home.  In 2014, that number INCREASED to a full majority of 58%.

In 1994, fewer than 30% believed the husband should be the one making all the big decisions in the family.  In 2014, that number ROSE to 40%.

In 1994, 83% of young men rejected the idea of the husband being the primary source of income. In 2014, that number DROPPED almost 30 points, to just 55%.  That same number even dropped among young women, from 85% to 72%. 

You read those statistics right! Young people are rejecting the attempted assassination of long-established customs and are now embracing traditional values.

The cause for this sudden new wave of conservative thinking could be happening for many reasons.

Liberals have begun to eat their own when it comes to the perpetual contest of “who can be the most offended.” It’s exhausting to constantly keep up with the never ending terminology, and young people appear to be over it all.

Liberals now embody the intolerance they once claimed to be fighting, mercilessly ridiculing and physically attacking anyone who disagrees with them, which may be sowing seeds of resentment causing this shift in thought.

Whatever the reason for this new trend, the results of this poll are incredibly encouraging to those worried that the next generation will lead to America’s ruin. Maybe there’s hope for the future after all!

Source: The Daily Wire

Faith Braverman
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