SHOCK POLL: The Latest Numbers Are In…And Hillary Is HATING This!

Hillary has had to do little to no campaigning herself as she floods the airwaves with negative ads and the media does her bidding.  In fact, we just had a natural disaster and while Trump headed down to help, Hillary was busy with Bill’s birthday party and resting up from whatever she’s been doing.

The media would have you believe this race is over.  That is totally contrary to the facts.

If NBC or ABC is involved in a registered poll, Hillary is hovering around +8.  But look at a daily tracking poll of likely voters, and the story is quite different.  If they don’t change their numbers, someone is going to start questioning these bigwig polls soon.

From the Los Angeles Times:


Clearly this race is neck and neck.  Trump led just a few days ago, and during the Democratic National Convention in July he was closer to being ahead out of the margin of error than Hillary ever was.  These number look foreign in light of the coverage Americans have been seeing.  The graph below may be more what we would expect:


Not too far off from these liberal pollsters.  This shows us where the biggest problem still lies: the media is controlling the narrative.  For Trump to be leading for half the time over the last couple months and yet most perceive he will lose makes no rational sense except that the media continues to hammer him day in and day out.  Trump needs to break through this by smashing through the media wall like he has proved he can do in the past, and we Americans need to pay closer attention to the facts, not get discouraged, and get out the word that this is still a horse race.  Hillary Clinton is no Usain Bolt – this is still neck and neck with plenty of chances to pull ahead.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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