SHOCK POLL: One Candidate CHARGES Into October With The Lead…No One Expected THIS!

October is the month.  This is where it all goes down.

October is home to 2 presidential debates and the vice-presidential debate. Home to the “October Surprise.”  Home to early voting and the get out the vote operation.  Home to the events that will make all the difference.

But it is oh so important how October begins. If your candidate is down 5 points, that’s a tough hill to climb. If they’re running neck and neck, you have to pull out all the stops.

The latest daily tracking poll is out from the USC/LA Times, and America is not wrapping up November with a tie. Only one candidate is sitting pretty:


Trump is leading Clinton by 5.6%, outside the margin of error.  He has held his lead for almost 3 weeks now in this poll.  Of course every national poll can be taken with a grain of salt, and some liberal pollsters are showing Hillary up, but keep in mind that these numbers have pretty much factored in Trump’s debate performance and the aftermath.  Instead of taking a hit, he has only risen.

What might be most striking, though, and the reason he is doing so well, is movement among one demographic: younger adults.


Trump is downright dominating this group after trailing them for a majority of the summer.  Maybe watching his vigorous fight of Hillary while she stood there looking tired and drugged had something to do with their response.  She has not been able to shake that she represents the past and the Washington elite, while Trump represents the future and will shake up the status quo.

On a final note, one more statistic really is important: people’s expectation of the outcome in November.  Here’s how it looks:


Trump has clearly been able to change perceptions, even with the lamestream media declaring outright war, writing off their own polls, and battling from a huge summer deficit.  America is beginning to wake up to the reality that Hillary is on her last leg.  Trump is doing well in the swing states.  Many indicators are pointing to his victory, and if he can only hold steady through October, we could be waking up on November 9th to a “President-Elect Donald Trump.”

Source: Los Angeles Times


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