SHOCK REPORT: Chelsea Manning’s Fate Has Been Released…And Americans Are SPEECHLESS!

You may remember Chelsea Manning.

He was known as Bradley Manning before his severe mental illness was validated by the US government.

They used your tax dollars to turn this poor, sick man into a Frankenstein’s monster of androgynous neurosis.

He is also a traitor who gave away highly classified secrets, including troop deployments, to Wikileaks.

For that he was sentenced to 35 years in prison.

But a last minute reprieve by President Obama assured that Manning would be home in time for Memorial Day.

He can drink beer and toast all of the soldiers whose deaths lay at his feet.

But it is so much worse than that, as the news is breaking this morning, HotAir has the details…

Chelsea Manning is down to the final 48 hours before he’s sprung from Leavenworth on Wednesday and I’m sure everyone is very excited.

But there’s an odd wrinkle in the prisoner’s short term plans which really hadn’t crossed my mind up until now. After his release, Manning will still be in the United States Army.

Not only that, he’ll still be eligible for health care benefits, access to base commissary services and some other goodies. (The Hill)

Americans were rightly horrified when the traitor Obama released the traitor Manning.

There is enough twisted irrationality between the two of them to write a Lewis Carroll novel.

Bradley Manning might deserve an asylum, but the idea of letting this mentally-ill traitor out on the streets of America is vile.

In fact, it reminds me of a lot of the rest of the Obama legacy.

Source: HotAir

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