SHOCK REPORT: The Debates Are All RIGGED…Here’s The REAL Reason Why!

Just in case you’re one of the few Americans left in the country who think the mainstream media is completely fair, devoid of bias—read this.

The media has been aiming at Republicans from day one, but their attacks are reaching a fevered pitch.

MRC TV, which tracks bias in the press, found some interesting tidbits about this week’s vice presidential debate, starting with how CBS News moderator Elaine Quijano treated the candidates.

“Quijano repeatedly challenged Gov. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) during the 2016 presidential debate,” MRC reported. “[She] criticized Pence for failing to answer questions when he was unable to get a word in with constant interruptions from Hillary Clinton’s running mate Sen. Tim Kaine.”

But she went even further down the bias trail and at one point, during questioning about immigration, Quijano jumped past the role of moderator and right into the seat of inquisitor.

The specific questions?

Quijano kept pressing Pence to tell if Donald Trump’s plan included the forced removal of illegals from the country.

“Governor, how would these millions of undocumented immigrants leave?” she asked. “Would they forcibly be removed?”

At the same time, Quijano seemed in outright agreement with Kaine on several of his points, even going so far as to nod and say “right” when she responded to him.

MRC continued: “Kaine went on to overrun the moderator, taking control of the debate by speaking over both Gov. Pence and Ms. Quijano. The debate quickly became one-sided.”

Source: MRC TV

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