‘Europe Has Let in Wolves’…SHOCKING Claim On Muslims From Someone NOBODY Expected!

As western leaders continue to claim the moral high ground for their insistence that allowing hundreds and thousands of Syrian”refugees” inside their homelands is the right thing to do, more and more stories of Islamic barbarity are flooding in, as well.

Many of the European countries who welcomed the refugees are rethinking their open border policies because of the violence and disease the refugees have brought with them. Multiculturalism only works when all of the cultures involved agree to allow the others their space.

The problems occur when when one culture wants to dominate the others and push them out. This is usually the case when Islam immigrates to new areas. Indeed, it is a part of the Islamic religion to dominate.

A Syrian Orthodox nun, Sister Hatune Dogan, has raised some red flags in Germany, her adopted home, after she and her family fled a Christian village in Eastern Turkey because Muslim neighbors had threatened to kill her father for his religion.

Breitbart gives us some insight:

Sister Hatune Dogan, who has worked for 26 years helping Christians and Yazidis, said: “Europe has admitted the wolves, the sheep are still [in Syria and Iraq].”

“Wolves”, the nun explained, are the Muslim migrants living in Europe who despite courses in “European values” and integration continue to live according to the Koran.

Speaking of “sheep”, the nun said she was referring to persecuted Christian and Yazidi minorities in Muslim-dominated countries, and spoke of “mothers, the children and the orphans who haven’t enough money” to leave.

“I do not think that people who live [the values of the Koran] can be good for us,” she said, adding: “79 verses alone call for infidels to be killed”.

Sister Hatune continues:

 “The door must remain open to genuine refugees, but not for those who want to revolutionize our society. If we remain silent, our entire future will be ruined.”

Christian societies in the middle east have had to cope with Islamic expansionism during it’s entire 1400 year history. Many of those Christian villages, towns and cities have been wiped out never to be seen again. Islam has left a bloody swath in it’s wake and now threatens to bring it to America!

The fact that our own leadership from President Obama and Hillary Clinton to Paul Ryan and John McCain want to open up our borders to more of these largely unvetted Islamic “refugees” means they either don’t care about American citizens or are too foolish to see the dangers. Either way, these leaders have proven their incompetence to lead us. We need leaders capable of recognizing the dangers as the founders did over 240 years ago and are willing to do whatever is necessary to protect what the founders gave us!

Source: Breitbart

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