SHOCK Video EMERGES – While Trump Was Joking About It…Bill Clinton Was Actually Doing THIS!

Lots of Trump supporters were demoralized by the release of a tape of their candidate using crude sexually charged language. However, this scandal had one unintended consequence: It prompted an avalanche of videos and audio tapes showing Obama, Bill Clinton and other liberal heroes using similar language.

In the Access Hollywood audio, Trump indulges in boastful “alpha male” locker room level talk, musing about groping women. But it’s just talk. With Bill Clinton, we now have a video tape of him actually grabbing a woman:

The video—which appears to be from the 1992 Presidential campaign and is watermarked with an ABC logo—shows Clinton putting his hand between the legs of an anonymous woman. The woman, who appears to be either a flight attendant or member of his campaign staff, quickly removes Clinton’s probing paw.

Of course, millions of Americans are already familiar with audio of Hillary Clinton laughing about helping a child rapist escape justice.

And her husband’s many accusers are now going public again with charges that he sexually assaulted them.

Clinton’s sexual escapades were national news after he won the White House, but at the time, liberals browbeat anyone who objected to his behavior by scolding, “It’s just sex. It’s no big deal.” If that’s true, then those same people are obligated to treat Trump’s sex talk the same way, or else be labeled hypocrites.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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