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SHOCKING Flip-Flop…Look Who’s Suddenly Gushing About Donald Trump!
By PJ Editor|November 30, 2016

Mitt Romney and Donald Trump haven’t always been on the best of terms.

And that’s an understatement.

Back in March, Romney warned Americans of a dark future with Trump in the White House and many Republicans still hold a grudge. However, they might lighten up a little after Romney heaped praise on the new president-elect during a dinner at the upscale Jean-Georges restaurant in Trump International Hotel on Tuesday evening. That was the scene of what Romney called an “enlightening, interesting, and engaging” discussion about world affairs.

As reported by Politico, the pair were all sorts of buddy-buddy during the evening and all this mere months after Romney called Trump a “con man.”

Now, Romney’s singing a decidedly different tune, saying Trump has managed to promote “a message of inclusion and bringing people together,” and even adding that Trump’s cabinet selections consisted of “solid, effective, capable people.” The transition effort is getting dinged by various journalists and political efforts and many still wonder if Trump is the right guy for the job, but evidently, Romney has come ’round.

Mitt Romney

The sharpest contrast between March Romney and November Romney was on full display when he said after the dinner:

“I happen to think that America’s best days are ahead of us,” he said. “And what I’ve seen through these discussions I’ve had with President-elect Trump, as well as what we’ve seen in his speech the night of his victory, as well as the people he’s selected as part of his transition, all of those things combined give me increasing hope that President-elect Trump is the very man who can lead us to that better future.”

Romney may now have a better chance at landing a spot beside Trump, especially as many experts say former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani’s chances have definitely faded in recent weeks. Could Romney end up leading Foggy Bottom? If so, we might look back at this dinner as the catalyst, the moment when a wary Romney became a full-throated Trump supporter.

The only question is whether or not he can retrieve Republican favor…

Source: Politico

PJ Editor
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