SICK! Illegal Released TWICE By ICE…You Won’t Believe What He Did To His Unborn Child

Did you know that the age of consent in Mexico is only 12? That only about 2% of rapes in Mexico are ever prosecuted, and even then, the sentences are light?

Ann Coulter has documented this and more in her book Adios, America. For example, every year hundreds of 10-year-old girls in Mexico give birth, and this “tradition” has come to the U.S. via illegal immigrants.

So while the following story is extreme, it simply reveals the dark underside of permitting and even encouraging illegal immigration from Mexico:

A 35-year-old illegal alien, twice released by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) under the Obama administration, allegedly shot a 15-year-old girl, killing her and their unborn child with whom she was 9 months pregnant, the Houston Chronicle reported on March 9. (…)

Shortly after his second release, he impregnated the victim, 15-year-old Jennifer Delgado, before allegedly killing her and their unborn child 9 months later. He shot her multiple times in the head and, as My San Antonio reports, shot himself in the mouth in an apparent suicide attempt. (…)

Following treatment at a local hospital, authorities booked Garcia-Ramires into Bexar County jail, where he remains on a $2 million bond. He has a 1-year-old son with the deceased Delgado.

Liberals romanticize illegal aliens as simply “hard working” individuals “just trying to make a better life for their families.” But what kind of “life” do such families have if they are made up of underage girls who are often sold off by their parents to much older men — another custom that has made it’s way to America.

And of course, American law enforcement is hesitant to prosecute these crimes, for fear of being called racist.

For all their talk about sanctuary cities, what sanctuaries did feminists ever offer this young murder victim or her children? They were too busy knitting pink “pussy hats” and protesting Donald Trump to care.

Source: CNS

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