SICK: Wikileaks Goes NUCLEAR On Hillary…Reveals Team Clinton KNEW About Weiner!

It’s amazing how the Democratic Party has become synonymous with corruption. A once admirable party, the party of Kennedy (the good ones who were shot) and Martin Luther King Jr, has now become a hive of scum and villainy.

How else can you describe what we are learning? The Democrats seem to attract disgusting people. Whether its Bill and Hillary–one a sex offender and the other a lying cheat–or their supporters, the DNC seems to rely on the very worst people these days.

Take the case of one Anthony Weiner. His lewd acts aren’t new. He had been connected with sexual deviance for years, his sexting ruining two chances he had at a political career.

Yet despite that, the Clinton’s endorsed this man, marrying their golden girl Huma Abedin off to the sexual predator.

Weiner’s lewd acts weren’t a surprise to the establishment. Oh no, they were well aware of his salacious behavior for a long time. And of course, they did nothing about it.

From Breitbart:

“Oof.” That was Hillary Clinton Communications director Jennifer Palmieri’s reaction to the news that police had visited a home in New Castle, Delaware to question a 17-year-old girl about online communications with Anthony Weiner.

Weiner’s problems with underage girls was known by campaign staff, even before the Clinton’s 2016 campaign officially launched.

Partisan journalist Lee Fang sent an email to Joshua Dorner, who forwarded it to Palmieri and communications aides as well as John Podesta and Clinton loyalist Neera Tanden. The email was released by WikiLeaks on Monday, as part of their ongoing release of emails from Podesta’s private email account.

The girl in question was a high school junior who visited Weiner during a class trip. Weiner, who just can’t help himself, reached out to the girl later on via Twitter. You know, the least secure social network on earth.

It seems like he doesn’t even want to cover up his behavior. They say that addicts do things as a cry for help. Perhaps Weiner was just looking to get caught.

But the question remains, why do the democrats associate with so many sexual predators? So many dishonest and unscrupulous people? Perhaps they are easy to manipulate or push around.

Or, as the old adage says: birds of a feather flock together.

Source: Breitbart

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