Gay Social Justice Warriors Shun Uniform Cop…When They Find Out Who She Is, They Are Humiliated!

Ahh,…. liberal tolerance. So often spoke of but rarely seen. We are always hearing that liberals are so much more concerned and caring, loving and kind, considerate and generous than the other 90% of the world’s population.

One might think that it is the moralistic, straights who are the intolerant members of society. The ones who believe that a couple is comprised of a man and a woman instead of two men or two women.

The oft touted “tolerance” of the LGBTQ crowd was nowhere to be seen when a transgender police officer who was also an organizer of a Transgender Awareness Day event, wanted to speak to the crowd and join in the festivities.

Independent Journal Review speaks about the hypocrisy:

Over the past year or so, America has become very familiar with the notions of “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings.”

While much of such talk has been relegated to various college campuses, it seems that the ideas are gaining wider and wider acceptance across the U.S.

That was the case on November 17th, when San Diego Police Officer Christine Garcia was turned away from her city’s annual Transgender Day of Awareness event — simply because she happened to still be wearing her uniform.

As part of the security detail assigned to watch over the event’s commemorative march, Garcia had spent her day ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone gathered there.

When she attempted to join the event to show her own support, though, she was told that she had “to leave because her uniform could upset others in attendance.”

Only later was the true irony of this decision revealed: not only was the officer a member of the small, 12-person committee that had planned the Day of Awareness, but Garcia herself is transgender.

WJZ | CBS Baltimore

Christine Garcia is San Diego’s first transgender police officer. She helped plan an LBGT event and then was banned 

Transgender Officer Banned from Event She Helped Organize

A transgender police officer who helped organize San Diego’s Transgender Day of Awareness was turned away from the event when she tried to attend in her police uniform.

No tolerance here!……….. Move along please!

Since news of Garcia’s rejection has come to light, San Diego LGBT Community Center CEO Dr. Delores Jacobs has released an apology for what she called a “misunderstanding”:

“When [police officers] are attending events, they are not here to ‘police’ The Center — though they may be in uniform or on-duty…

We do not wish to ever make any community member feel unwelcome at The Center — these officers are valued members of our community.”

It seems the LGBTQ’s fear of uniforms negates the message of unity and inclusiveness they were trying to present.

We’re not surprised since their list of “triggers” grows with every passing day!

Source: Independent Journal Review


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