Spanish-Speaking Employees Sue Over New Rule, But Employer Won’t Be Intimidated

In any workplace there are rules set forth by the management that are expected to be adhered to. If an individual disagrees with a company policy or finds themselves in a position where they cannot concur, the normal reaction is to find a different job and move on with their life.

Not anymore, not if the offended party falls into the ever-expanding category of victimized minorities.

Mad World News reports: A California employer is facing lawsuit and a lot condemnation from a group of employees for a rule they have enforced that others think is discriminatory. But the job site doesn’t care, they’re sticking to it and those who don’t like it can find work elsewhere.

Fairview Developmental Center in Costa Mesa has deemed their facility English-speaking only, and anyone caught communicating in Spanish, will be terminated if they incur multiple offenses. After all, this is America, and Americans don’t move to other countries and expect that their employer allow them to speak English to native customers or clients who can’t understand a word of what they’re saying.

The policy is clear and simple, stating that “English is considered to be the official language of the state of California and should be spoken while doing the work of the state unless otherwise indicated by the needs of clients or their families.” But a group of long-time employees of the center say the rule shouldn’t have to apply to them, since they don’t interact with clients directly, citing the California’s Department of Fair Employment Act to back up their complaint via an attorney to fight their battle for them — in English.

There was a similar situation at a Cargill meat packing plant in Fort Carson Co. recently. Muslim employees became offended when plant management insisted they stay on the production line instead of going to pray. In protest, approximately two hundred workers walked off the job and the 190 that didn’t return were terminated from employment, Breitbart reports.

According to the Denver Post, some workers later returned and were able to keep their jobs, but the majority stayed away in hopes of swaying management to reinstate a prayer schedule as representatives of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)–an “unindicted co-conspirator” in the Holy Land Foundation trial, which concerned fundraising for the Palestinian terror organization Hamas–negotiated on their behalf.

If the lawsuit against Fairview Developmental Center or the dispute at Cargill plant were to catch the attention Obama’s Department of Social Justice there can be little doubt about the position the federal government would take. Once again the Liberals would champion the cause of the supposed victims and the evil capitalist employers would be labeled bigots, racists, or homophobes in an effort to isolate and alienate them.

The immigrants’ failure to assimilate into the American way of life in both Fort Carson and Costa Mesa are prime examples of why multiculturalism will not work…never has never will. Well-regulated, legal immigration with a selection process allowing in the brightest and the best of those who wish to live the American Dream would strengthen America. The opposite is true of entire immigrant communities who are simply relocated to the United States, permitted to establish “no go” zones in some instances, and insist on America assimilating to tolerate their culture. All people should be proud of their heritage and traditions but if they wish to live in the U.S. they should embrace America, her traditions, and her language.

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