Jerry Springer Launches VILE Trump Attack…Gets DESTROYED By Conservative Star! [WATCH]

This election pitted the very best minds in politics and culture against a breed of corrupt, egotistical and ultimately irrelevant pundits.

We saw how the mainstream media packed their shows with so-called experts who predicted devastation for the Trump campaign. We saw the skewed polls. We saw how on Election Day, the New York Times was giving Hillary at 92 percent chance at winning.

They were of course, utterly wrong. This was because the left wing media and their people gave up covering the facts long ago to promote their own agenda. It worked under Obama because he was a charismatic, likeable figure. But with a candidate as terrible as Hillary, they had to go lower with lies and manipulation. Of course that wouldn’t work.

Those of us that stood for the facts had our work cut out for us, knocking down every distorted news story and outright lie. Even on so-called “balanced” news programs, conservative pundits, politicians, and speakers had to fight to overturn every warped argument the left threw at them, without any kind of support from the “unbiased” news.

From Yes I’m Right:

It’s one thing to make radical assumptions about certain candidates, but it’s quite another to make accusations about someone on election night, when you can be proven wrong in front of an audience of millions of people on live TV. Jerry Springer, host of the ubiquitous talk show where actors that pretend like they have cheating spouses fight on daytime TV, should know better.

Springer went on Good Morning Britain to express his disgust with a potential Donald Trump presidency, but what he didn’t expect was to get every liberal talking point fabrication to be shoved back in his face by none other than our favorite conservative, Ann Coulter.

Coulter, a stalwart defender of Trump, fought like a champ against Springer, a man that can only be described as a misogynist.

Later that night, when the inevitable happened and the election was called in favor of Trump, Springer’s tone was a lot less energetic. It seems as though his “bigotry” remarks fell on deaf ears, as America actually voted their conscience, and the liberals were taken out.

The left will continue to ignore the real reason Trump won: a rejection by America of liberal policies, and continue to call us bigots, racists and sexists. That’s OK, their time is over. They will continue to push themselves into obscurity with their baseless accusations, empty rhetoric and destructive policies.

The rest of us will thrive.

Source: Yes I’m Right

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