Liberals are Melting Down after 1 State Drops the Hammer on Welfare Mooches!

It is no secret that far too many people in America are on welfare.

Welfare itself is not inherently evil. The problem is that too many abuse it in order to collect free money from the government, which then in turn forces hardworking Americans to pay more in taxes.

Welfare also creates a culture of dependence, which keeps poorer families in an endless cycle of poverty. When no one in a family works and that family only collects welfare, there is no way for that family’s children to become independent and achieve the American dream.

For these reasons, conservatives are opposed to expanding the welfare state. Instead, conservatives want to find solutions for those in poverty that encourage them to work and to grow, which is exactly what some counties in Alabama just did.

From Angry Patriot:

In these Alabama counties, all users of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program who were classified as “able-bodied” had to perform so many hours of labor a week in order to maintain their benefits.

Using simple logic, Alabama’s lawmakers realized that welfare users would gravitate towards full-time work after experiencing forced labor done merely in order to receive benefits. Paid labor is better than unpaid.

According to the numbers, on January 1, 2017, there were 13,663 able-bodied adults without dependents who received food stamps. By May 1st, the number decreased to 7,483.

In the thirteen counties that put work requirements in place, between January and May 2017, the food stamp participation numbers went from 5,538 to 831.

Conservatives on Alabama understand the value of hard work. They know that dependence and free handouts cannot elevate anybody. The only thing that can do that is work, and their policies have been extraordinarily effective.

If we ever want to fix our nationwide welfare problem, the entire country should enact reforms like the ones in Alabama. We need to stop letting people think that they can make money without working.

Think about it this way: A mother and a father have two sons. They tell one son that he must mow the lawn, clean up the house, and take out the trash every day in order to receive his allowance. They tell the other son that he will receive his allowance no matter what he does, even if he sits around and plays video games all day.

What do you think would happen? Would both sons work hard, or would the second son happily play video games and collect his allowance while his brother worked?

Though this metaphor is very simplistic, understand the point: Human beings are not inclined to work hard unless they have to.

Excessive welfare is toxic. It enables people to keep taking and taking and never give anything in return, which burdens those who do work hard to earn their salaries.

The shame of it all is that this mentality hurts people who are on welfare as well. It destroys their dignity as human beings, as they miss out on the sense of pride that comes with hard work and providing for one’s self and one’s family.

As it exists today, welfare causes more harm than good. The bright side is that reforms like those in Alabama are weakening the welfare state and putting more people to work, which in turn benefits all Americans.

Source: Angry Patriot

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