The War On Cops Is Reaching Epidemic Proportions…Now 1 State Is Taking Powerful Action To End It!

The past 8 years of the Obama administration have seen America turn towards the “dark side” for a large segment of people who have grown up with no moral compass.

It is sad that America, a once shining example for the rest of the world to follow, has become a society filled with coddled criminals who have no concept of righteousness and their idea of justice is not getting caught after they commit their crimes.

Lately, criminal thugs have taken to randomly attacking or even shooting police officers who are simply doing what they are supposed to be doing which is enforcing the law and keeping the peace but a new Bill in Texas would make attacking police officers a hate crime, if passed into law.

According to Right Wing News:

Lawmakers in Texas have just come out with a stunning proposal. They have submitted a new bill that states targeting a police officer or any first responder is considered a ‘hate crime’ and will be prosecuted as such.

“We’re going to ask that it become an emergency legislative item for the governor so that as soon as we get to Austin in January, we pass it right away, make it law right away,” said Republican State Rep. Jason Villalba.

Really, all crimes are hate crimes and it is sad that we have come to the point that we must pass a law to SPELL IT OUT to the criminals that attacking police officers or other first responders is unacceptable.

If there were one person whom we could say is responsible for the attitude of lawlessness that has consumed America that person would have to be president Obama.

He has shown police officers more contempt than any other person to ever hold public office!

Source: Right Wing News

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