Shock Report — The Stunning 5 Step Plan To Ruin Trump Exposed…Americans Are Furious!

Donald Trump’s historic win to the White House has disrupted the expectations of many people.

The corrupt, greedy, and un-American Washington insiders were hoping for Hillary Clinton — or at the very least a weak-willed Republican — to win the presidency. They were counting on one of their own to replace Obama and continue his goal of globalism and policies that benefited politicians, not Americans.

But when outside Trump won by a landslide, all their crooked plans were undone. We can count on the next four years to be transformative for our nation, economy, and citizens. Donald Trump will undo years of bad policies that put America at the back of international decisions, not to mention restore our strength and dignity.

Liberals are in panic mode because so much of their toxic plans will be reversed. We’ve already seen the massive backlash over the last month and a half. But come January 20, it will only get worse.

From Conservative Tribune:

Calling Trump a “malignant narcissist,” [Michael] Moore used his Facebook page to encourage Americans to disrespect one of our most important traditions: the peaceful and orderly transition of power…

Even from Moore, this is amazing. Here is #4 on his 5-point plan:

The organization spearheading the protests is called Featured items on its website included training camps starting Jan. 8 and continuing until the Jan. 20 inauguration.

Classes will include resistance, protesting and how to proceed when you get arrested. (Warning: Expect to be arrested, and you are responsible for all of your own legal bills). It also prominently displayed the notice that “J20 does not collaborate with law enforcement.”

As we’ve already seen since the election, all this is empty noise. None of what the radical left wants to do will produce any lasting results. They lost the election fair and square. All the complaining, fear-mongering, and intimidation will not work.

This is especially true when you consider Donald Trump himself. Do you really think he will be intimidated by a man like Michael Moore? One of the reasons so many Americans support him is because of his boldness, confidence, and unapologetic style. He is not a man that will be easily pushed around.

Already he’s weathered the unwarranted and disgusting attacks from the left and he came out shining. We’ve seen that the very worst liberals can throw at him cannot deter him from doing what he believes is right.

He won an election despite all the odds being against him. Do you think Moore will be able to stop him?

Source: Conservative Tribune

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