STUNNING Development In FOX News Sexual Harassment Case…This Changes EVERYTHING! – YIKES

Reports of sexual harassment by soon to be former FOX News head Roger Ailes have rocked the cable television world, leading to lawsuits, threatened walk-outs by top talent and rumors of retaliation against the victims.

Ailes was forced to resign after an internal investigation found that the charges were merited. Now things just got even worse at FOX after damning new information has come to light.

It seems that with the latest sensational bombshell that FOX has given upp the fight and will give the victims what they are asking for.

Western Journalism has the details…

Now it appears [Gretchen] Carlson has the potential to reach an eight-figure settlement in the wake of rumors about audio tapes that contain recorded conversations of Ailes talking with other women.

Vanity Fair reported that if the case were to be taken to court, these secret audio exchanges most likely would be made public and complicate things even further.

Apparently Ailes bad behavior not only went far beyond Carlson, but that top executives enabled the harassment and failed to protect their employees…

As Western Journalism reported Monday, the latest was former Fox News host Andrea Tantaros, who said she too faced unwanted sexual advances from Ailes. New York magazine broke the story this week.

According to the magazine, Tantaros said the harassment started in August 2014 when Ailes asked her to “twirl” so he could see her figure. She refused. In a second incident a few months later, he reportedly asked her to “turn around” and then told her to “come over here so I can give you a hug.” She declined. Tantaros said he harassed her again in his office in February 2015, saying that she must “really look good in a bikini.”

The former Fox News host says she told several high-ranking executives, including Fox Executive Vice President Bill Shine, about the incidents, according to New York magazine. Tantaros said Shine responded, “Roger is a very powerful man,” and advised her she “should not fight this.”

Source: Western Journalism

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