Swing State STUNNER – 1 Party Registering Thousands Of New Voters…That Polls Are Missing!

There have been reports–as in most election years–that voter fraud might steal the election away from GOP candidate Donald Trump. Rumors and fears swirl that Hillary’s machine will try to register fake or dead people in an effort to sway results from state to state.

But these rumors aside, voter fraud can’t decide an election, so long as massive amounts of people get out and vote Republican. Yes, we’re a conservative website, so we’re rooting for the good guys.

If that’s the case, then we have good news: more Republicans are registering to vote than Democrats. In fact, many former democrats are registering as republicans.

This is very, very good news.

From Breitbart:

Almost 100,000 Pennsylvania Democrats switched their party affiliation to Republican in the past ten months.

CBS Pittsburgh reports that 97,607 Pennsylvania voters made the switch from Democrat to Republican since the beginning of 2016, whereas 38,020 Republicans changed their party affiliation to Democrat.

“The surge in Republican registrations is nearly twice the number of newly registered Republicans compared to both the 2008 and 2012 numbers combined,” the Pennsylvania GOP said in a statement, calling their gains “historic.”

Since November 2015, the Pennsylvania GOP registered 243,139 new Republican voters.

We have to keep in mind that beyond all the rhetoric, beyond poll numbers, beyond the media spin, is America’s memory. People don’t forget very quickly, when it comes to our nation. After eight years of broken promises, of change that never came, American voters are rejecting the Democratic Party.

The rise of outsider Donald Trump can be directly linked to the terrible leadership of Barack Obama. He promised the moon, but delivered nothing. Americans had to live through two terms of radical, liberal policies that aimed to redefine our way of life. We had to watch jobs bleed away. We had to watch the Middle East devolve into chaos and the rest of the world laugh at us.

And that doesn’t even mention the staggering rise in terror attacks.

This election will most certainly be a referendum on the Obama administration. It doesn’t help that his replacement is one of the worst politicians in American history. But even if Obama christened the perfect replacement, we’d still be in the same boat.

Americans, particularly young voters, want real change. Donald Trump and the conservatives are now the face of real, lasting change for our society.

Don’t be surprised to find even more democrats switching sides, across the country.

Source: Breitbart

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