Superpower Already Seeking Peace With Trump, Plans To DESTROY ISIS Together

With terrorism an issue of worldwide attention, the major question for many world leaders is how best to deal with it in the coming years.

The election of Donald Trump to the presidency may be a good place for a new start and cooperation, particularly between two superpowers. And the good news is, others leaders see that, too.

Russian president Vladimir Putin has reached out to Trump to open a dialogue for talks about ISIS, the Middle East and other issues they will face.

Vladimir Putin (pictured) called Donald Trump yesterday, the Kremlin said

From the Mirror:

President-elect Donald Trump and Russian leader Vladimir Putin have vowed to tackle ISIS together after holding breakthrough talks on the telephone.

Less than a week after the billionaire’s election, the Kremlin said Putin called Trump yesterday to begin negotiations over how best to tackle terrorism.

The Russian is reported to have said he is ready for dialogue with the U.S. “on the basis of mutual respect, non-intervention into each others internal affairs.”

According to the news agency Kremlin, Putin and Trump have agreed to “work to channel bilateral relationships into constructive cooperation, to combine efforts to tackle international terrorism and extremism, and to continue contact by telephone and to work towards meeting in person.

“The importance of creating a solid basis for bilateral ties was underscored, in particularly by developing the trade-economic component.”

It added that the countries should “return to pragmatic, mutually beneficial cooperation, which would address the interests of both countries as well as stability and safety the world over.”

This could mean reduced tensions between the two countries, which were formerly believed to be headed towards another cold war, partly because of president Obama’s seeming unwillingness to see ISIS neutralized, which president Putin adamantly supported.

Source: Mirror 


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