DISGUSTING: Target Ignores Outcry…Even As This Video Surfaces (It’s SO MUCH Worse Than You Think!)

We’ve talked about the insanity of retail giant Target’s new transgender policy.

If you haven’t heard, the company announced recently that anyone can use any of their bathrooms, regardless of their gender.

This policy has created a significant danger to women and young girls.  It is a violation of their privacy and right to feel safe in a public restroom.

Despite the overwhelming backlash on social media, the store has yet to change their stance.  So people are taking more drastic measure to illustrate Target’s stupidity.


How bad is it, though?  A Florida man found out when he went into his local Target to ask the manager about it. What he found was absolutely shocking. From Conservative Tribune:

The video, which was posted to YouTube on April 23 by a man named Andy Park, showed him very obviously filming and very obviously dressed as a man. He entered the store and asked the manager if he could use the women’s bathroom.

Keep in mind that his phone was hanging out of his shirt pocket, a key sign that he was filming the encounter and a definite red flag that he planned to continue filming. However, the manager not only told him he was free to use the women’s bathroom; he didn’t even warn him against filming.

In fact, he said if any of the women had a problem, he would “speak to them.”

Yikes.  So now we’re living in a world where women are the problem.  If they dare to complain that a man is growing into a restroom to film them, they’re going to get a talkn’ too.

How deranged is Target?  Why should anyone be supporting a store that has such low esteem for their customers?  We have documented proof that they’re allowing men to film women in the bathroom.  How sick is that?

Check out the video to see for yourself.  And think twice about going to Target this week.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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