Team Hillary Sends DESPERATE Memo To Backers…PROVES They Are In FULL PANIC Mode!

When someone tells you not to panic, that usually means there’s something to panic about. Case in point: Team Hillary is telling current and potential donors to stay calm. That’s not a good sign for the Democrats.

With fewer than 50 days until the election, Trump is gaining on Hillary, according to polls. Nobody wants to back a loser, so a campaign memo went out assuring backers that she still has a chance to beat Trump…unfortunately for Clinton, it looks a little delusional given that Nate Silver, who provided the data that Team Clinton is using to bolster the troops, now predicts that Trump has a nearly identical chance of winning and has caught up to Hillary in the electoral math!

Ed Morrisey reports:

A candidate as well known as Hillary, and whose policies and party affiliation make her a near-incumbent in this cycle, should be scoring 50% or more in these battlegrounds — especially against an amateur like Trump. And yet, seven weeks before the general election, she’s sinking back into a virtual tie while Trump manages to improve his standing. (…)

As for why the race is tightening, there’s really only one answer: Hillary Clinton. This began before her collapse in New York City a little over a week ago, but that and her fumble on the “basket of deplorables” attack line didn’t help. Notice that the campaign has cooled off on that sound bite of late? That’s probably no accident. But the real reason for her setbacks is that no one trusts Hillary Clinton, and she keeps providing more and more reasons to earn that distrust. Lying about her health only added to that public perception of dishonesty, and may do more damage than pay-for-play evidence emerging from the Clinton Foundation and State Department e-mails.

Polls are important, but there are other indications of Trump’s popularity, such as the huge turnouts at his events, compared with Hillary’s meagre audiences. While the tightening of the race is good news for Trump, there are still months to go before election day and he has to maintain this momentum.

Source: Hot Air

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