Homeland Security Makes INSANE Move On Radical Islam…Ted Cruz Is Having NONE OF IT!

Say this about Ted Cruz. The defeated Republican nominee could have easily lowered his public profile after losing the nomination to Donald Trump in a nasty contest. He no doubt sees himself as a more principled, “true” conservative than the party’s current standard bearer, and more deserving of the job. Who wouldn’t be bitter?

To his credit, however, Cruz has continued to do his duty in stunning fashion. Seemingly undaunted, the senator’s abilities as a peerless interrogator haven’t left him.

Conservative commentator Steven Crowder writes with admiration, “Seriously, I never want to be questioned by Ted Cruz in a hearing. Ever”:

We’ve seen him do this before, but he absolutely destroyed Homeland Security Chairman Jeh Johnson over the White House not only refusing to say ‘radical jihad,’ but also scrubbing it from ever being said. So naturally Ted Cruz was displeased. Leftists never learn, do they? Never poke a displeased Ted Cruz. He will destroy you.

Now, to the substance after all the “ra-ra Cruz” is done. The problem with not wanting to identify the enemy for what it is, is just that. Not identifying the enemy. As anyone who’s ever been in a pickle before, the first thing you must do is identify the problem. You can’t solve it, if you can’t identify it. What the left is doing is worse. They see the problem, then they quickly bury their heads. Because yes, the left is willfully blind, as Cruz pointed out, about the enemy we face: Radical Islam.

Sane Americans must feel they’re living in an upside down world, run by idiots, traitors or both. Watching those charged with protecting them refusing to even utter their enemy’s name is exasperating.

Fortunately, Ted Cruz gets it, and despite one major setback, he clearly has no intention of leaving the bigger, more important fight.

Source: Louder With Crowder

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