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SERIOUSLY? Ted Cruz’s Marijuana Position Shocks Conservatives…That’s Unexpected!
By PJ Editor|April 11, 2016

Ted Cruz has made a reputation as a strict Christian and has attracted wide support from the evangelical community.

His father and other surrogates have made extreme statements about homosexuals, atheists and a host of “others” that don’t share his radical interpretation of religion.

Apparently, however, the scorn heaped on these groups don’t extend to another growing counter-culture…drug users.

From Reason…

“I think the people of Colorado have the right to make the decision that they’ve made under the Constitution, and as president I would respect that right.” [Cruz said]

Talking to The Denver Post the same day, Cruz explained the practical advantages of letting states go their own way. “It is an opportunity for the rest of the country to see what happens here in Colorado, what happens in Washington state, see the states implement the policies,” he said. “If it works well, other states may choose to follow. If it doesn’t work well, other states may choose not to follow.” He said it was too early to say how legalization is going in Colorado.

Those comments comport with what Cruz said at last year’s Conservative Political Action Conference. “I actually think this is a great embodiment of what Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis called ‘the laboratories of democracy,'” he told Fox News host Sean Hannity. “If the citizens of Colorado decide they want to go down that road, that’s their prerogative.”

Source: Reason

PJ Editor
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