BUSTED! What Telemundo Journalist Was Caught Doing At Trump Rally Will SICKEN You! [PATHETIC]

By now, it’s not news that many “protestors” are paid to show up at “grassrotos” demonstrations.

It’s also not news that reporters will often avoid filming the worst of these protesters, but will focus instead on a handful of eccentrics at Tea Party events.

What happened at a recent protest of a Donald Trump rally is even worse!

A journalist actively staging demonstrations so he’ll have something juicy to film!

Breitbart.com reports:

A cameraman for Spanish language television network Telemundo was caught on video admitting to staging anti-Trump protesters outside Donald Trump’s San Diego rally on Friday.

Filmmaker Andrew Marcus was documenting the protest when he caught the Telemundo cameraman getting anti-Trump protesters to pose for a shot and how to display their Mexican flag.

“Hey hey, ho ho, Donald Trump has got to go” chanted marching anti-Trump protesters at the opening of Marcus’s video which was posted to the website Rebel Pundit.

“Turn it around. It’s upside down,” the Telemundo cameraman told the protesters as he gestured to get two protesters to turn their Mexican flag  right-side up and facing forward. One of the protesters holding the flag was holding a “f**k Trump” sign in his opposite hand.

“Is that the media staging a shot?” Marcus called out. “Is Telemundo staging a shot?”

The camera-wielding Telemundo journalist mustered the response, “Uh, probably.”

Marcus goes on to say he was accosted by numerous anti-Trump protesters, who tried repeatedly to seize and break his camera.

How many “spontaneous, grassroots” rallies in history have been stage managed like the one Marcus attended? We’ll never know, but it’s tempting to suspect this wasn’t an isolated incident.

Source: Breitbart

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