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New Poll: TERRIBLE News For Hillary AND Trump…This Could Destroy BOTH Parties!
By PJ Editor|March 31, 2016

Many people believe that the two party system is broken beyond repair. Many of them are voting for Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders in the Presidential Primaries.

While most people see them as “the outsiders,” there is an even further outside figure starting to make some serious waves.

In a year when Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are likely to be the major parties nominees, more people than ever are expressing interest in “America’s Third Party,” The Libertarian Party.

Founded more than 40 years ago, the LP has always been kind of an oddity that has attracted 0-3% of the vote, but has never broken into the mainstream.

A new, highly-reputable national poll show the Libertarian’s likely presidential candidate, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson garnering 11% in a race with Hillary and Trump.

Even more shocking, Johnson only has a name ID of around 25%, compared to nearly 100% for the other two. That means Johnson has a lot of room to grow his support while Hillary and Trump must convince people who already have a negative opinion to support them anyway.

Via The Washington Times…

This year, he [Johnson] says, will be different, with Republicans and Democrats tilting further toward their extremes, leaving a difficult choice for many middle-of-the-road voters.

“I’ve always maintained that I think the majority of the people in this country are libertarian — they just don’t know it,” he said. “Speaking with a broad-brush stroke, that’s being fiscally conservative and socially liberal. … I think most people fall in that category.”

Source: Washington Times

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