Breaking: Terror Attack Near World Trade Center NYC – Shooter Shouted ‘Allah Akbar’

New York City has been hit by a terror attack.

Many in the media are slow to call it terror, but reports are coming it that making it very clear this is Radical Islamic Terrorism.

People on the ground are saying it feels like 9/11 on the ground.

Now 8 have been declared dead and another 11 injured.

From NBC New York:

At least six people were killed and 15 were injured when a truck driver deliberately mowed down people and targeted a school bus in lower Manhattan Tuesday in what authorities are investigating as an act of terror, officials tell News 4 New York.

More than a dozen people were hit when the driver of a Home Depot rental truck zoomed at least 10 blocks down a popular bike bath from West Houston to Chambers streets.

Apparently the terrorist primarily injured and killed people with his vehicle, but then fled holding two guns that were apparently “fake,” just paintball and bb guns, not anything life-threatening.

We can assume he was trying to get shot and killed by police.  Instead he was shot and taken into custody.

And there are multiple reports of what he shouted as he conducted this terrible attack:

Warning: Graphic video of the immediate aftermath:

We can only comment right now that Americans must be shocked, grieving, and angry.  This should not happen in America, and we wish the best to the victims and family in this terrible situation.

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