STUNNING: Paris and Brussels Terrorists ‘Heroes’?…You Won’t Believe Who Says YES

The recent attacks in Paris and Brussels have left the global community shocked and disgusted.

It’s hard for decent people to understand how anyone can harbor such hate against their neighbors, and carry out such vile acts of murder.

It is even harder to believe there are a contingent of citizens, around the world, who are applauding such acts of villainy and cowardice. But that is the sad reality we bring to you today.

Groups of teachers in predominantly Muslim districts of Molenbeek and Schaerbeek in Brussels have reported that “90 percent of their students, 17, 18 years old” regard the Islamist terrorists who killed in Paris and Brussels as “heroes.”

The story comes, from all places, the New York Times as reported by Breitbart Steven Erlangers spoke to policymakers in Belgium who revealed this unsettling truth.

The piece, entitled “Blaming Policy, Not Islam, for Belgium’s Radicalised Youth”, interviewed Yves Goldstein, chief of staff for the minister-president of the Brussels Capital Region and a Schaerbeek councilman. Schaerbeek and Molenbeek are now infamous as the areas in which for months Islamists lived, hid, manufactured weapons and made preparations for the Paris and Belgium attacks.

Reflecting that “our cities are facing a huge problem, maybe the largest since World War II,” Goldstein poses the question, “How is it that people who were born here in Brussels, in Paris, can call heroes the people who commit violence and terror?”

The piece deflects the fact that radical religious beliefs are the cause of this dangerous attitude, claiming that it’s legislative policy that’s causing the problem.

Right, the real danger is city planning not a radical branch of Islam that encourages and rewards murder. Do these people even hear themselves speak?

Breitbart continues…

The article neglects to ask basic questions like why – if Islamic extremism is the fault of Belgian urban planning – is it happening globally? Why Jewish communities might have left Schaerbeek? Or why Chinese diaspora, living in Chinatown-like communities and taking no interest in modern art, seem to be at no risk of committing terrorist attacks? 

Once again we have an example of liberal, European officials protecting radical, dangerous Muslim communities.

Making up excuses for this kind of behavior is irrational and will only lead to more bloodshed. If you have a vast population of young people applauding violence and murder, what the hell do you think will happen next? Spoiler: more bloodshed.

These European leaders need to pull their heads out of the dirt and start confronting the real problems before more innocent lives are lost.

Source: Brietbart

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