Texas Governor Just Announced Something AWESOME…Now Liberals Are REALLY Freaking Out!

Illegal immigration has been a “hot button” issue for a lot of Americans ever since president Obama decided to ignore immigration laws, open our borders and basically make America a “Sanctuary Country” for all of the world’s poor if they could just manage to show up on our door step with their hand out.

The fact that American tax payers are being forced to foot the bills for all of these “downtrodden, huddled masses” is what has made the issue so incendiary and is also the reason for president-elect, Donald Trump’s popularity.

Trump has promised to build a wall to shut off the immigration valve until we can get a handle on which immigrants we will legally allow into America based on what they can bring to the table—not on how much we will have to fork out to support them.

Another plus is the fact that Muslim terrorists will no longer have an unmonitored access point into the country.

In the spirit of protecting America, Texas governor Greg Abbott has pledged to shut down sanctuary cities in the Lone Star State.

According to Red State:

This will definitely chafe the tender backsides of a few liberal invertebrates.

In an answer to some of the Democrat leaders around the nation who have declared that they won’t comply with any laws that curtail illegal immigration, and that they will continue to provide sanctuary cities for illegals, Texas Governor Greg Abbott did a very Texas thing.

Since Austin, TX is a sanctuary city, governor Abbott will be upsetting a few liberals there but this is exactly why conservative Texans elected him.

Maybe the liberals will get the message, pack their bags and move back to whatever town they came from—because they sure don’t need to be in Texas!

Source: Red State

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