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Texas Supreme Court Makes Unanimous Decision Regarding Gay Couple’s Rights
By OEditor|August 2, 2017

The controversial gay marriage issue has largely disappeared from the headlines since the Supreme Court made it legal throughout the land in 2015.

The Left has moved on to other issues since their landmark victory, but not everyone is done fighting the ruling just yet.

Some red states are still not happy about the ruling and are beginning to push back against the notion that a gay marriage is equivalent to that of a straight one.

Specifically, the state of Texas is currently embroiled in a legal battle that could see the issue once again return to the national spotlight.

As reported at Western Journalism, the Texas Supreme Court ruled unanimously Friday that gay couples have no inherent right to government-funded spousal benefits.

The all-Republican nine-member court ruled that while the US Supreme Court in 2015 legalized same-sex marriage in Obergefell v. Hodges, the “reach and ramifications” of the rights of gay couples are still up in the air.

This ruling is going to spark a ton of liberal outrage, but what will likely be intentionally lost in the left-wing media’s coverage is that the Texas court is not denying or fighting the Supreme Court’s ruling.

Rather, it’s trying to figure what gay couples have the “right” to now that they can legally marry.

Be prepared to see hit pieces labeling Texas an extreme, hateful, bigoted, right-wing state now that this ruling has been issued. Gay interests groups have predictably come out and blasted the decision.

The Texas Supreme Court’s decision this morning is a warning shot to all LGBTQ Americans that the war on marriage equality is ever-evolving, and anti-LGBTQ activists will do anything possible to discriminate against our families,” said Sarah Kate Ellis, president of the LGBT advocacy group GLAAD.

The case stemmed from a dispute in 2013, when then-Houston Mayor Annise Parker, the city’s first openly gay mayor, was sued by two local taxpayers for her decision to grant government-subsidized spousal benefits to gay couples who were married in other states.

The case appeared to be dead on arrival after the Supreme Court ruling in 2015, but conservative groups put the pressure on Texas Governor Greg Abbott and other officials to re-hear the case in March.

Their persistence has paid off.

Where this will lead now is uncertain, but this is still a huge victory for advocates of traditional marriage.

The Left’s all-out war against traditional couples seemed to be lost for good, but there’s now hope that a legal distinction will remain between the relationships.

Source: Western Journalism

Written by: Caleb Marius

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