It’s Official: The Final Election Totals Are In…It’s Not What You Expect!

After all the bellyaching, hype, and rumors, the dust of the 2016 Presidential Election has settled.

We knew since November 8 that Donald Trump was the winner (some of us knew that outcome for much longer), but the left continued to fight and complain. This is largely due to the fact that they are un-American sore losers, and fundamentally do not understand our election process.

But here are some of the official numbers from this historic election.

From IJR:

The Cook Political Report released its numbers for the popular vote tally. The certified vote totals as they currently stand:

Popular Vote Totals: Hillary Clinton: 65,844,610; Donald Trump: 62,979,636; All Others: 7,804,213 (Total)

Popular Vote Percentage: Hillary Clinton (48.2%); Donald Trump (46.1%); All Others (5.7%)

A lot of people, mostly democrats, have made a big stink over the popular vote. But our country is a Cognitional republic, which gives each state a voice in the election. That means the raw popular vote doesn’t determine the winner. For a candidate to win, he needs to get the support of voters state by state. A popular vote is far too easy to manipulate, which is why we use an Electoral College.

But let’s look at some more numbers.

There are usual facts tucked into the Cook Political Report data:

13 Swing States: Trump tops Clinton (22,249,342 to 21,433,214)

All Other States: Clinton tops Trump (44,411,396 to 40,730,294)

California: Clinton over Trump (8,753,788 to 4,483,810)

New York: Clinton over Trump (4,547,218 to 2,814,346)

Only in the widely liberal states of CA and NY does Clinton have a huge lead over Trump. When viewed from this perspective, we see why the Electoral College is so important. Do we really want just two states determining our elections? A popular vote would discount everyone else in the nation.

In the final analysis, Trump was able to attain victory in 37 states, while Clinton was able to draw the majority of votes in just 13 states.

Hillary won the popular vote in only 13 states, the lowest of a major-party nominee since Bob Dole in 1996. When viewed from that angle–not the misleading national popular vote–you see that Trump was the clear victor.

The next time you hear someone claiming that Hillary got the popular vote, now you know what to say to them.

Source: IJR

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