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POLL: You Will Not BELIEVE The #1 Item Bought With Food Stamps! Are You Okay With This?
By Kimberly Hays|December 7, 2016

Taxpayers carry the burden of those who need public assistance, including food stamps.

These funds are allocated to those who need help who are unable to afford nutritious food for themselves and their family. Having this assistance is a way to provide healthy meals that will also lessen the burden of the expenses handed off to the American people when they get sick from not having proper meals.

That is all good in theory, but an issue recently came to light that we should give some thought. It turns out that food stamp recipients aren’t buying the healthiest foods and instead, buying foods that some may consider a luxury item or at least a treat that they will only partake in from time to time.

So, where are we going with this?

The top item being purchased with food stamps is soda! Knowing all that we do about the harmful effects of it on our health, as well as how expensive it can be, it is shocking to find that this is where are tax dollars are going.

With one in seven American’s receiving food stamps, that’s a lot of tax dollars going to waste on what should be good nutrition.

We’d like your thoughts on this, so please answer our poll below.

Kimberly Hays
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