SHOCK CLAIM: The Party Is OVER If Trump or Cruz Win…Is The End Of The GOP Establishment Near?

The GOP Presidential race grows more intense by the day. Right now, most observers say it’ll come down to Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, with Trump maintaining a led. Both are gaining support from Republicans and Conservatives eager for change.

The group most upset by this turn of events? The Republican party, of course.

In a recent interview on Fox News’ “Hannity,” conservative commentator Monica Crowley had some strong words to say about the party. According to her, if either Trump or Cruz wins the presidency, the established GOP is done.

A partial transcript from the interview:

CROWLEY: [The GOP establishment] hate Ted Cruz… but they fear Donald Trump. And they want neither one to win the nomination because the truth is, the establishment cannot control them. If Donald Trump wins the presidency or Ted Cruz wins the presidency, the establishment is done. It’s over. The control over the Republican National Committee, the control over everything will revert to the sitting president, over whom the establishment has no control.

This kind of talk is scary to the fat cats in Washington, but it’s a sigh of relief to many Americans across the country.

For years both the Democrats and Republican establishments have lorded over the nation from Washington, supporting special interests and measures that hurt, rather than help us. If either Trump or Cruz wins, they will most certainly up-end this practice.

With the poll numbers being what they are, and with other candidates dropping left and right, it’s unlikely another candidate will scoop up the nomination. Time will tell, though, if any GOP candidate will in fact take back the White House.

Source: Brietbart

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