REVEALED! The Secret of Trump’s Success…HERE Is Why Conservatives Love The Donald

Some long time conservatives may be pondering why Trump has gotten so much support.

How could a super rich, elite, reality TV star become the face of the Republican movement?

How can a man who has rubbed shoulders with liberals, the media, and many others now be considered the leader of Conservative America?

Mytheos Holt, writer for The Federal, made an attempt to break it down.  In his article: The Intellectual Case for Trump II: Trump is the Culture Warrior We Need, he sheds some light on the phenomena.

Some of it may have escaped your notice.

In the article, he discusses how the Left has infiltrated our culture, working hard for decades to redefine what is “normal.” Entire generations have grown up accepting that homosexuality, drug use, and transgenders, were the norm.  Meanwhile, the Right simply sleeps.

Enter Trump, who is an outsider that–although he is a strong Conservative–is not taking the same, backseat approach as the Establishment.

According to the Clash Daily:

It will take boldness, willingness to make the faux pas, to step on toes, in order to smash the old boy’s club that sat on their hands for the the last culture war. To break up (in Cruzian terms) the Washington Cartel that keeps dragging out political albatrosses like McCain or Romney. 

It’s an insightful article, though not entirely accurate. Many Americans are not concerned with “culture wars” but with the real dangers of a failing economy and threat of terrorism. They find Trump’s strong stance on both these issues refreshing. He is able to convince them that he is the man for the job.

What do you think?  Are you on the Trump Train?

Tell us why.

Source: Clash Daily

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