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WOW: Their Stunning Decision To Stand With Trump…Liberals Are Furious!
By Barry Dillinger|December 17, 2016

Republican Elector Edward Robson of Arizona got it exactly right when speaking about the uproar over Donald Trump’s Electoral victory. “We got a stack of letters from idiots.”

When you consider the concerted effort of insanely devoted fanatics to two-time-loser Hillary (three times if you include the recount effort) you can certainly understand that these electors are fed up with the threats, harassment and reams of paper quoting the Federalist Papers.  And since when do Democrats ever wave a flag, recite the Pledge of Allegiance, or carry around a miniature copy of the Constitution in their back pockets (courtesy of the Heritage Foundation, of course)?  Exactly…never.  So, this furor over the Electoral College and how anyone disagreeing with the vast majority of voters should have the right to bully and intimidate the electors is pure lunacy.

Fortunately for most of the Americans who respected the outcome of the election, the electors apparently agree with us.  Associated Press has broken with its typical biased reporting and decided to report on a recent survey it conducted of the electors around the US.  The question was probably “Do you agree that Donald Trump should not be elected via the electoral college process?” or something along those lines, knowing the AP.  However, according to the results, more than 300 of the electors have responded that they will be upholding the vote of the people of their State by awarding their vote to Donald Trump.

Western Journalism explains:  “Although the electors admit to an unprecedented wave of pleas to change their votes, AP noted that electors cited everything from the law, to duty, to loyalty to cast their votes for Trump.”

It is noted in the article that Trump would have to lose 37 electors’ votes in order to lose the election, but the AP states that all indications point to a Trump victory, considering that only one of the electors has said that he will not be voting for Trump.

Western Journalism concludes with:

Fellow Arizona GOP elector Carole Joyce said the deluge has been profound.  “I average anywhere from a thousand to 3,000 emails a day. And I’m getting inundated in my regular mailbox out front — anywhere from 17 to 35 letters a day coming from Washington state, Oregon, all around the country. Hand-written, some of them five or six pages long, quoting me the Federalist Papers, the Constitution, asking me again out of desperation not to vote for Donald Trump,” she said.  “[T]hat’s their right,” she said. “I’ve had nothing threatening, I’m happy to say. The election is over. They need to move on.”


Source:  Western Journalism

Barry Dillinger
Husband, Father of 5, Veteran in US Army under 3 Presidents (Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield), Screenwriter, Novelist
Husband, Father of 5, Veteran in US Army under 3 Presidents (Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield), Screenwriter, Novelist
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