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THESE States Will End Race…#NeverTrump Is TOAST [Road To Victory Revealed]
By PJ Editor|April 21, 2016

As Real Clear Politics observes, things are getting really dicey for the anti-Trump forces…

Donald Trump’s victory in New York stonewalled Ted Cruz’s path to clinching the Republican nomination, making it increasingly difficult to block the GOP front-runner.

It is also increasingly clear that the road ahead only gets rockier, possibly too rocky for Cruz or the GOP establishment…

The immediate calendar leaves lots of room for Trump to gain steam.

A key part of the problem, strategists say, is that the focus of the effort has been stopping the front-runner instead of promoting an alternative candidate. The movement never truly coalesced around Cruz[.]

Next week is Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhodes Island. Polling shows Trump ahead in all five with 172 delegates up for grabs. With six big wins in a row, the momentum behind Trump will be so powerful that it is unlikely that anyone will be able to catch him.

Source: RealClearPolitics

PJ Editor
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