These Hollywood celebrity crack-ups over Trump’s transgender policy are hilarious

It’s been awhile since we had a massive celebrity meltdown on social media. While faux outrage from liberal famous places is pretty commonplace, something major needs to happen to see a slew of them go nuclear at once.

President Donald Trump’s announcement that transgender individuals will be banned from serving in the military did the trick.  

As Breitbart shares, it wasn’t too long before the hyperbole and hysteria began littering timelines everywhere. Here’s a sample of some of the more epic reactions.

Sulu, Dunham, whoever Rob Delaney is, and Meathead are just a few of the many that chimed in with their two cents.

Based on the stellar logic that’s provided up above, Trump made this decision all by his lonesome and just because he felt like it.

Is it really that hard to grasp the concept that he made the decision based on consultations with his top military advisers?

Expanding on that, is it really that hard to fathom that a decision about what’s best for our military should have that – and that alone – as the overriding factor that determines the decision?  

Those two questions should be fairly easy to answer, but good luck getting a straight answer out of a social justice warrior without being branded as an awful human being.

Source: Breitbart

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