What Happens To This Thief During Robbery Shows Why EVERYONE Should Have Concealed Carry [WATCH]

A thief walks into a convenience store and pretends to be a customer.

Then at the right time he pulls a gun on the unsuspecting fellow shopper and the clerk behind the counter.

He asks for money and keeps the customer and the clerk in his sights. Then as the clerk starts to hand him some things he begins to focus more on the clerk and less on his fellow customer. BIG mistake…

That’s when things start to not go so well for the would-be thief. Watch what happens here: (Sit tight for a moment…Facebook video embeds sometimes take a few seconds to load.)

Posted by Calimero on Monday, February 22, 2016

I bet he’ll think twice before he robs a store again!

And that is exactly why everyone who is trained should be a concealed carry holder. SHARE if you agree!

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