This Announcement Proves Tebow Is More Of A Man Than ANY Of His Naysayers

Tim Tebow may be the most critiqued NFL quarterback in recent days. Why he at least can’t make a roster is beyond comprehension. He is at least as good as many of the backups in the league today.

Teams say Tebow gets too much press. Well, when press is good for the team and the NFL then why don’t teams jump at it?

Tebow recently opened the CURE Hospital in Davao City Philippines, the country where his father has been serving, preaching and planting churches for decades. The place where his mother was encouraged to abort Tim now has a hospital because he is an MVP philanthropist.


Photo: PRnewswire

But this really shouldn’t shock us. Tebow has proven time and time again his heart is in the right place. The Tim Tebow Foundation is filled with all the ways Tebow gives to the less fortunate.

Timmy’s Playroom helps hospitals make a better environment for kids. The Adoption aid process and Orphan Care gives us another picture of the ways Tebow reaches out to children.

Tebow’s star shines off the field bigger than most stars shine on the field. His Night to Shine program helps special needs students feel like kings and queens. It is an amazing program to support and be a part of.

If you are looking for someone to pray for, give to, or emulate Tebow is the one. If you have ever met him in person you know what kind of man he really is. Don’t listen to the critics. This man follows Christ and lives what he says he believes.

That’s an MVP in any league.

HT: Conservative Tribune

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