This Is NOT A Joke…Liberal’s Mad Dash CRASHES THIS Site!

It sounds like the punch line of a lame liberal joke, but it really happened:

As Donald Trump racked up state after state on election night, a website crashed. Not his campaign site or or the Drudge Report, but one that’s not even based in the United States.

Twitter was abuzz with the hilarious fact that the website for Canada’s immigration ministry had gone down, apparently as panic stricken lefties looked for a way out of Trump’s America.

Emily Zanotti collected some of the tweets announcing this news, and observed:

Progressives and Democrats across America are finding themselves disappointed a second time as Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Bureau simply cannot handle the number of requests for asylum from a Donald Trump Presidency.

The site later rallied and was live again around 4.30 a.m. East Coast time. Americans looking to flee Trump will likely be surprised at how difficult relocating to Canada actually is — even with a functioning immigration website.

Canadians have been fighting against accepting greater numbers of political refugees, and the Canadian government has been deeply considering curbing border-jumping.

Isn’t it funny that for all their professed love of Mexico’s people and culture, American liberals always threaten to move north rather than south when things don’t go their way?

Despite Zanotti’s comments, those familiar with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s flaky far-left policies wouldn’t be surprised if he actually agreed to grant “political asylum” to Trump-dodgers. His father welcomed Vietnam War draft dodgers with open arms, after all.

Credit: Heat Street

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