THIS Is What America Looks Like…Without Donald Trump

The United States of America teetered on the brink of its own destruction in 2016.  More of the same leadership by weak-kneed liberals would lead us on the same path as many other countries who are being overrun, their culture, well-being, and even lives snuffed out.

Radical Islam is spreading and intensifying, and here’s a stunning picture of what the terminal stages look like.

When listening to Muslim immigrants defend themselves in front of a television camera or at a public forum, their position is “ever the victim of prejudice, hatred and violence but never the perpetrators.”

It’s almost laughable if it were not for being so serious. It’s as if the the Muslims are saying “we go out into the streets and protest, chant threats, riot and rape because infidels (i.e. White non-Muslims) are so mean to us by not acknowledging our superiority to them.”

Of course, the stabbings, hangings and beheadings come later after the Muslims have bred like rabbits and become the majority population.

In the meantime, the Muslim “community organizers” will be out in full force complaining about almost everything in Britain that isn’t “Islam friendly.” Case in point follows.

From Breitbart:

A senior representative of the Muslim Council of Britain has said that white British people have a responsibility to integrate more to prevent communities becoming ghettoised.

His comments come in response to an official report warning that many of Britain’s towns and cities have been transformed “out of all recognition” by mass immigration.

In other words, the Muslims have trashed the place up so bad it no longer looks like a modern urban area and it’s the responsibility of the white people to “fix it up” so the Muslims can trash it again.

The report, by the government’s community cohesion tsar Dame Louise Casey, warned that parts of British towns had been turned into ghettoes which successive governments have ignored “for fear of being branded racist or Islamophobic”, and which are creating “escalating divisions and tensions”.

Apparently, whites can’t even sneeze near a Muslim for fear of being labeled a “racist Islamophobe!”

What is grossly obvious is the fact that Muslims immigrate to western countries in order to escape the suffocating poverty and oppression they suffered under in Islamic societies and then once established in their new western homeland, they proceed to turn it into the same stink hole they left. Yet they refuse to even consider the possibility that other cultures and societies may be better than theirs.

A wise man once said; “a skunk doesn’t know that he stinks because he only associates with other skunks.” Likewise, Muslims will never improve their circumstances until they acknowledge that other cultures are at least as significant as theirs!

Source: Breitbart

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