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CONVENTION CHAOS: THIS State Is About to Hand Trump ANOTHER Big Delegate Loss Before New York
By PJ Editor|April 11, 2016

Last week it was Colorado. This week another western state is set to hand Donald Trump a big delegate loss at its upcoming convention.

Way back on March 12, they had county conventions where Donald Trump picked up 1 delegate, Ted Cruz gained 9 and 2 more were elected as unpledged to the Republican National convention.

But Wyoming has 17 more delegates to select. That will happen on Saturday, three days before New York votes.

Based on the results in Colorado and many other Republican nominating processes around the country, Ted Cruz is expected to out-organize Trump and capture the majority of these delegates.

In an amazing reversal of fortunes, Cruz has beaten Trump 120-7 in delegates since Trump’s win in Arizona. If he gets all of the 14 delegates available in Wyoming (3 more are unpledged by rule), Cruz will extend his winning streak to 134-7 ahead of New York where Trump is expected to win most of the 95 delegates up for grabs.

However, these surprise wins mean that Trump’s best hope is to cut into the advantage Cruz has forged in county and state conventions across the country. This is significant because Trump now needs to win 66% of the remaining delegates to secure the nomination before the convention in July.

PJ Editor
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