WikiLeaks BOMBSHELL…This Will END Hillary With Blacks! – WHOA

Hillary Clinton and her Democratic cronies have been caught use a political issue to drum up voter support in the black communities – and it’s one that might not sit so well with the very minorities they’re trying to capture.

As the Daily Caller reported: “Democratic strategists and Hillary Clinton campaign staff discussed using cities struck by environmental catastrophes, like lead leaching into Flint’s water, to attract young minority voters.”

Well, that’s pretty brutal. Instead of discussing fixes to the so-called catastrophes, the main focus of the Clinton camp was to capitalize on it.

The story goes on, as the Daily Caller found.

“Democratic strategist Gina Glantz thought Clinton’s visit to Flint, Mich., in the wake of its water crisis was a ‘brilliant’ move that could be replicated in other states to attract voters. Glantz argued finding poor communities ‘with high rates of asthma” or other ailments would help stand out against primary opponent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders,” the news outlet said.

Glantz spoke almost fondly, it seems, of the “any number of low income communities with high rates of asthma or other stuff” in South Carolina that have the common denominator of proximity to fossil fuel plants that could be used to jump Clinton’s campaign and best Sanders, according to a WikiLeaks email to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, the Daily Caller found.

But as Michael Cantrell wrote in Allen B. West: This is just par for the course for the Clinton campaign’s way of doing business.

“Democrats and progressives live by the mantra of never letting a good crisis go to waste,” he wrote. “Yes, that not-so-beloved beacon of honesty and truth — hopefully you’re picking up on the sarcasm — known as Hillary Clinton actually considered using catastrophes as a means of furthering her political career.”

Source: Allen B. West, Daily Caller

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